The majority of our Industrial design clientele requests are for public storages, auto body shops, manufacturing warehouses, although we are able to create any type of industrial project that you may need. We are able to work with the client directly to produce a space that is profitable for your industry. We do our research at the beginning of each project to provide a platform to discuss your start to finish in-house process with us. For example an auto-body shop, we will directly work with you to realize how we can create an efficient space for the cars to travel in and out after each service efficiently, while taking in account the space needed for larger auto-body projects that require more time. In Chicago and each city or town that we work in, we will go to an extent to make sure all rules and regulations are followed in our plans, so that your permit is quickly acquired. We work with the client whether their team is 1 person or 1,500 people.

Our ability to produce an efficient flowing industrial, commercial or residential space is incomparable to any other firm. We focus on the client in each of our projects, to save you money, time and help you realize objects you may be lacking in your space that can help in the long and short-term.