Our commercial projects vary in the industry, such as: Restaurants, Bars, Office Spaces. Effective design for commercial properties should be designed according to the business function. Requests for new construction and interior designs are commercial assessments of an organization’s needs, bringing property, people and technology together to support the aims of intentions of the organization or business. Whether you prefer cubicles with an open floor plan, or various sized offices, we can provide the design ability to harmonize your business needs, from conferences, to daily printing tasks, meetings and break spaces. Our design team researches to find exactly what your teams needs to function at its best. If budget is a concern, our assistance does not stop with just drawing a design, we can also help provide options to you that will reduce cost

Unlike the harmonious, relaxed residential designs, commercial design should be planned accordingly how to motivate employees and yourself, our designers will listen to what your business plan requires and direct them into our design, we are committed to our clients satisfaction. Zoning laws and ordinances are specifically designed for commercial designs, and these are different in each municipality which we fully comply with immediately to reduce your permit process waiting time At IR Design, Inc. we will work together with you to ensure that your expectations are delivered, and that it is in compliance, addressing all key issues affecting the design.